Paul Morelli Bell: Paul Morelli Linea Meditation Bell 14mm 18k gold

Unique Gold & Diamonds

Paul Morelli Bell: This is a beautiful Paul Morelli Linea Meditation bell in 18k gold.  It could have been worn a couple times, but the purposes of being “as described” I’ll say it’s “pre-loved” although I cannot see any signs of usage. Comes in original pouch.
This piece is EXTREMELY RARE in the pre-loved marketplace.
ANYONE, receiving this as a gift would have no idea it’s Pre-loved. I inspect pieces all day and I had to edit the listing. I thought it was BRAND new, but my partner made me adjust it to “pre-loved” since we can’t promise it went for a test drive.

This is for the bell only. 14mm at widest part of bell. This is the IDEAL Christmas gift, because it’s a 🔔😉. This piece is basically brand new, so it’s priced to move. Please consider posh fees.

Again “technically” a pre loved Paul Morelli meditation bell or used Paul Morelli meditation bell, but to both the naked and magnified eye, it is flawless.



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Type: Unknown Type