How to Sell Unwanted Silver Jewelry and Flatware for the Most Money

Most people know you can sell unwanted gold but do you have any silver around the house? You can also turn that old coin collection, Grandma's flatware, and more into cash now.

Nearly 15% of all Americans own some sort of silver, are you in their company?

Here we tell you all about what silver you may have around your home and how Unique Gold and Diamonds will buy it from you, for cash, on the spot, the same day.

Whether you want to sell silver jewelry, rare coins, or antique silverware we've got you covered. Maybe you are selling your silver to save up for a new engagement ring, find out all you need to know here!

We Buy Silver in New Jersey: You Can Sell Silver Jewelry, Silver Coins, and More at Unique Gold and Diamonds in Clifton

Silver comes in all shapes and sizes. You may have a lot more of it in your home than you think.

Let's go over some of the different ways you can verify whether the silver you think you have is the real deal, or not before you come down to the shop.

  1. Precious Metals Hold No Magnetic Charge

If you hold a magnet up to a pile of unwanted jewelry and any of it is attracted and sticks to the magnet, it may not be real silver. Silver, along with all the precious metals, does not react to magnets. However, many pieces of jewelry will have clasps, bars, and other pieces that are made of something more affordable and the bulk is made up of the real thing.

Also, when it comes to flatware, the knife blades are almost always made of something else and the handle is where the real silver is. So, it's a good idea to bring in the whole collection to us for a full inspection or you could be leaving money on the table.

  1. Check the Piece for Authentication Marks

Real silver is going to carry a hallmark, or imprint, of authenticity and a purity valuation. If your piece doesn't have anything like this, odds are it's not real silver.

Some manufacturers will include a lot of information including the date of manufacturing and where. Most will at least carry a manufacturer's mark and a purity valuation like 925, 900, or 800. These numbers tell how pure the silver content of the piece is.

Here's a great site with a lot of common silver markings and hallmarks to get you started.

  1. Just as Fish Should Smell of the Sea and Nothing More, Real Silver Is Odorless

Smell the piece in question. Does it smell metallic? Can you sulfur?

If so, you do not have a piece of real silver. Authentic silver is completely odorless.

  1. Never Forget Your Polishing Cloth

While it seems cliche you really do need to go polish the silver quite often. It's very susceptible to oxidation and tarnish and must be polished often to keep it's shiny and sparkling patina.

Using a piece of soft white cloth, rub the item in question as if you're polishing it and then look at the cloth. There should be black on the cloth where you were polishing and the item should begin to come clean. If nothing comes off on the cloth the item probably is not pure.

  1. Put It on Ice, or Rather the Ice on It

If you want to have a quick science experiment while testing for silver purity this test is for you. Pure silver has the highest amount of thermal conductivity of any metal or alloy. 

So, if you place a piece of ice onto a tray you believe is silver, it should melt very quickly. More quickly than normal. If it doesn't melt at a faster than the normal rate you're not dealing with the real deal.

What Is Silver Worth?

This depends highly on the piece you have. Some silver is judged simply by its weight for melting down later. 

However, if you have a full collection of antique silverware or a rare collection of silver coins that's an entirely different matter. These are the types of items that need to be individually appraised to determine their value.

Some places will try to give you the weight price no matter what. Not here at Unique Gold and Diamonds. We have appraisers on staff who will give you a fair price for the treasures you part with.


Maybe silver is not what you are looking to sell, here are some other items we will by from you:

Silver Is Far More Precious Than Gold

Silver is actually becoming more and more finite by the day. Why? Because unlike most of the other precious metals, we use the heck out of silver. It's used in medical applications, electric panels, construction materials, in addition to jewelry, flatware, and money.

Unlike gold, which we don't use for much of anything other than decoration and money, silver isn't as soft and pliable. It's also a far better thermal conductor. This incredibly versatile metal will disappear much more quickly than it's yellow counterpart.

What does this mean for you? Silver is only getting more valuable which is great news if you're looking to sell silver jewelry or other items.

We Buy and Sell Silver Jewelry

Maybe you just came upon a box in your attic that contained a bunch of antique jewelry. Perhaps you inherited some pieces from a loved one that just isn't your style. 

Don't let these beautiful pieces go unloved and locked away, gathering dust. Bring them out into the light and let someone fall in love with them all over again while you put a little cash in your pocket. Everybody wins.

At Unique Gold and Diamonds, we know how to sell silver jewelry so we are going to give you not only the best price for the silver but, the piece as a whole included any gems and diamonds. This means you'll get a valuation on all of it.

Turn your unwanted jewelry into cash today.

We Buy and Sell Silver Coins

Coin collections are getting bigger and more elaborate by the day. Since the internet has made everything searchable, the coins that could never be found are now being gobbled up by avid collectors. We love to appraise and buy silver coins.

We will inspect them and give you a fair price. We buy both domestic and foreign silver coins of all purities. Whether it's 40%, 90%, or 99% silver we would love to look at it.

Not only do we buy these coins on the spot but we are even open on Sundays to be more convenient for you. If you live in Bergen County you know how inconvenient it can be trying to do anything on a Sunday but, we keep our doors open.

We Buy and Sell Silver Flatware

Before you head in we welcome you to do your homework and know what you have. The last thing anyone wants is to feel like they didn't get what their pieces are worth.

Here are some tips on how to get an idea of the worth of your silver flatware.

  1. Check If It's Silver Plated

Silver plating is getting better and better. But, there is a way to always tell when something has been plated rather than being pure silver. 

Look for the stamp mark. It might say plated but it might also say EPNS which stands for electroplated nickel silver. If it has no mark that's also a sign of plating. Pure silver should always have a purity mark.

  1. Don't Polish Your Silverware

Once you've verified it's real you might be tempted to polish the silverware and get it all bright and shiny to sell. In a word, don't. Unless you know what you're doing you run a higher risk of damaging the silverware than doing a proper polish.

Leave the tarnish on and bring it to a reputable buyer who knows what they're talking about.

  1. Do Some Research on the Pattern of Your Pieces

Some silverware patterns are rarer and older than others. These will give you clues about when the silver was manufactured and if you're dealing with true antiques.

This can highly affect the sales price if you have a whole set of ultra-rare silverware. It's good to be an informed seller so you have a better idea of what price to expect.

What to Do Before You Come in

Ok, you've got your whole silver collection gathered together. You have a little bit of everything, jewelry, coins, silverware, an old teapot, and now you want to come in and get a price for it.

However, it can be nervewracking to bring all these valuable pieces out of your home, pack them in the car, and then bring them into a shop when you don't know who will be there. Luckily, we take appointments to set your mind at ease.

We are happy to schedule appointments even before or after normal business hours to make sure no one else is in the store with you when you come into make your deal. This way you can relax and feel secure in the process from beginning to end.

Bring all your pieces in and you know you'll have our one on one undivided attention to go through every piece of your collection. This is a great idea if you have a large amount of silver or a lot of pieces you need to be verified so you don't have to wait.

How Do You Know What My Silver Is Worth?

We have a tool here at Unique Gold and Diamonds that sets us apart from any other store you go into. We have a machine known as the "The Niton XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer".

This is a $20,000 machine whose sole purpose is to analyze the composition of different metals. It will tell us exactly what your pieces are made of and how pure they are. 

The machine tells us immediately if it's counterfeit silver or silver plating. Because it also reads the exact composition of the piece we are inspecting we can also give you the most accurate price for your piece.

Once we know what we are working with we will offer either the spot price for the weight of the silver or give you an offer on the piece itself based on our appraisal. If you're satisfied with the offer we give you all cash right on the spot.

We can also pay with a business check, bank wire, or even give you a store credit to buy another piece of jewelry. It's up to you!

If you decide not to sell we are happy to provide you a written appraisal amount with what we offered you and a breakdown of the analysis of your pieces.

To Sell Silver Jewelry, Flatware, or Coins in Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson County, Unique Gold and Diamonds Are Your Local Buyers

Here at Unique Gold and Diamonds we always offer you a completely free evaluation. There is never any obligation to buy and we want to provide you with the fairest price for your silver.

We have over 50 years of experience in the silversmith trade. We never perform destructive scratch tests to test your silver potentially damaging the piece. We always test without damaging the piece in any way.

The process is always quick and easy whether you're a walk-in or have a private scheduled appointment. We analyze your silver, determine it's value either in weight or as a whole piece, and make you a cash offer. This isn't a pawn shop, we are buying your silver for cash right now.

Whether it's an heirloom piece of silver jewelry, a binder full of rare coins you found in your attic, or that complete silver service that's been handed down through generations we will give you a great price for it. Allow yourself to get rid of the things that aren't giving you joy and pad your wallet in the process.

Located in Clifton, NJ, Unique Gold and Diamonds is open 6 days a week, including Sundays, for your convenience.

Ready to show us your silver? Contact us now to book an appointment or stop in anytime.