How To Sell A Diamond In Clifton

where to sell your diamonds in clifton

How do I sell my diamond?

After your research and looking into all the options, it’s a good idea to take everything into account. Ask yourself three questions: Will I be paid immediately? Am I getting the highest price possible? Will I have to pay a commission fee? The answer to the first two questions at Unique Gold & Diamonds is yes, and no to the third. We will pay you immediately for your diamond. We will pay you the highest price that the market will bear. We never take a commission like auction houses or online sites charge. You will leave our shop with money in your pocket and a smile on your face. We’ll walk you through the research, certification, and eventual selling of your diamond below.


Do I need a certificate to sell my diamond?

First things first, no, you don’t need a certificate to sell your diamond. Second, let’s investigate what a diamond certificate actually is. A diamond is a small piece of jewelry with great value. Certain standards have been set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) called the 4 C’s (color, cut, carat, and clarity) that standardize the diamond grading and valuation process. There are a number of different diamond laboratories that offer these diamond certificates such as GIA and EGL which both are located in the USA. The certificate helps to add credibility to the diamond and gives a jeweler a better idea of the exact value of your diamond. Certified diamonds often sell for higher prices than non-certified diamonds and this is important to keep in mind whether selling or buying. It is still possible to sell the diamond without this paperwork, but it helps with your research to have the certificate when you are looking for information online before selling the diamond. Come in and get a quote for your diamond today, they are always free.


What if I don’t have a certificate?

If you don’t have a diamond certificate, no worries, it’s not essential to sell your diamond. Unique Gold & Diamonds has a graduate from GIA’s diamond program and has years of experience with valuating diamonds accurately. We will be happy to take a look at your diamond, give a valuation and make you an offer. It’s important to get more than one quote as well so that you can make sure no one is trying to take advantage of you. We are certain that we can offer you the highest price for your diamond so that you will be leaving our store with cash in your pocket and a smile on your face. We are a small operation and don’t have the huge overhead costs that other stores take out of the price that they pay you. Use this to your advantage and let us make you an offer; offers are always free.


What if I want a certificate for my diamond?

When you have a diamond of a larger size or value, it’s sometimes worth the investment to have your diamond certified; we can help. We will send your diamond to a laboratory and make sure that it is secured and insured during the entire process. Depending on the size of the diamond, the charges for certification start at $150 and increase from there. We can give you an estimate before we send your diamond to the laboratory and give you our professional advice as to whether certification will increase the selling price of your diamond. Certification does not always increase the selling price, but it’s worth discussing to give you more peace of mind. We’d love to help you make this decision and our advice is always free.


How do I research the value of my diamond?

First, you need to know what you have. If your diamond is certified, all the necessary information is available on the certificate. You will need to know the color (absence or presence of yellow), cut (the proportions and symmetry), carat (weight of the diamond), and clarity (presence or absence of inclusions) in order to research the proper value of the diamond. You can use diamond-selling websites to get an idea of the retail price of the diamond that you have. Always bear in mind; the retail value of the diamond will not be the same as the price for selling it second-hand. Like buying a new car and selling it years later, the price will be lower. Yet, Unique Gold & Diamonds has a reputation that you can count on to give you the highest price possible for your diamond.

If you don’t have a certificate, you’ll need to find out what you have first. You can consult us to find out if the stone you have is indeed a diamond and we can give you an idea of the unique specifications of your diamond. Often, people will find a clear stone in grandmas jewelry box and automatically think that it is a diamond. There are many imitations out there and we can help you differentiate between what’s real and what isn’t. Everything that we do is done in front of you so that you don’t have to worry about the transparency of our process. We offer more than just information, we offer you peace of mind, and that is always free.


Where should I sell my diamond in Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson County?

Unique Gold & Diamonds is the only answer that will offer you: the highest price for your diamond, a transparent process that you can watch, and a quick process that will get you all the information you need in one short visit. Online companies, mail in services, and international diamond buyers will give you: less money, no transparency in the process, and often-incorrect information about the value of your engagement ring.  We are your local jeweler with years of experience that you can trust and easily visit. We have two passions, jewelry and people; getting to serve the people of our community and help with their jewelry needs is why we love what we do. When selling your diamond in Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson County, you can trust your local jeweler.