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Watch Repair - Same Day Service Available

The best feeling is when you have an unlimited amount of time on your hands (or wrist).
There’s something so comforting about looking at a watch and not having to see the notifications from your cellphone, just the time.
Luckily, time is normally running on your side and it’s dependable. Most watches don’t have to be charged and run on a battery that will last for at least a year, other watches charge just from the movement of your arm or a simple winding; either way, they are low maintenance. When you need a watch repair, Unique Gold & Diamonds will give you a free quote before doing any repairs. Take a look at some of the most frequent things that can go wrong with watches below and we’ll give you a brief overview of how they are normally fixed quickly and easily.

The most common issues with watches:

  • Cracked Or Chipped Crystal
    • Just like the windshield of your car, the crystal protects what’s inside from everything that goes on outside, including moisture (the most dangerous to the movement of a watch). When the crystal of your watch is compromised, it’s important to have it fixed quickly. This crystal can be replaced with a mineral or sapphire crystal. When you come in for your repair, make sure to ask us which would be right for your watch and we’ll give you all the options before you decide how you want to have time in your sight again.
  • Broken Watch Strap
    • When the leather or metal band of your watch is broken, it doesn’t matter if it reads the right time, you can’t wear it. The likeliness of losing the watch with a broken strap increases exponentially. Usually, the broken watchbands we see are an easy fix, so come by and let us get time back securely on your wrist where it belongs.
  • Watch Band Is Too Tight Or Loose
    • If the band isn’t broken but too loose or tight, this can be equally as frustrating and dangerous. Normally a small adjustment of adding or removing links from a metal band and adjusting or ordering a new leather band will solve the issue. This is normally a quick and easy repair, so come by and let us help you get adjusted to your time.
  • Loose Watch Hands
    • Even if the movement of your watch is working perfectly, you can’t tell the time when the hands are loose. Loose watch hands can be as easy as tightening a screw or be an indication that something is going on inside that needs attention. Bring your watch by and we’ll determine what needs to be done to get you running on time again.
  • Too fast or slow
    • When you’re losing time, it’s terrible, but when you’re gaining time it’s wonderful; too bad both are illusions of your watch when it needs to be repaired. There are a lot of reasons for this problem with the most frequent being that the battery needs to be changed (if the watch is a quartz or battery powered movement). Battery changes are quick, inexpensive, and easy for most watches. No matter the problem, we’ll get you back on time.

For luxury watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega (just a few examples) more delicate care and a professionally trained set of hands are needed. Just opening one of these watches will change the calibration and have to be resealed in order to maintain its integrity. Luckily, we have expertly trained watchmakers who have been certified to work on these watches. Whether it’s replacing the gasket to giving the watch a complete overhaul, our watchmakers will have you up and running again with service that you can trust.

Don’t make time fly and throw your watch out the window, have it repaired and make it work for you again. With Unique Gold and Diamonds, you can rest assured; our passions are jewelry and your happiness. When repairing your watch in Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson County, you can trust your local jeweler.

And remember, even a broken watch is right twice a day.