Custom Engagement Rings In Clifton


custom engagement rings in clifton

What makes your heart skip a beat? Is it your friend’s ring that she just got from her fiancé? Is it the ring that just appeared on the red carpet on the hand of your favorite actress? Your grandmother’s ring may have been in your wedding dreams since you were a little girl. No matter your dream engagement ring, we can help you design and build it.


A designer engagement ring is great; being able to say, I designed my own engagement ring, is better. Your engagement is an important part of your future, that's why we make sure that you get exactly what you want. When you make an appointment with your personal jewelry consultant at Unique Gold & Diamonds, you’re opening up an infinite world of possibilities to create your perfect engagement ring.

We can help you choose a center stone or mount one that you already love and cherish. Whether you have a vision in mind or want to hear our designer’s recommendation, your dream ring will start with a hand-drawn sketch. From a sketch, we make a computer-aided design (CAD) so that we can see a scaled portrayal of your new ring. We send your CAD image to you via email, along with multiple angles to view the ring. You’ll have time to discuss the decision with your loved one before we make the final ring. We can easily modify the CAD if you decide that you want something changed. Once you approve the CAD, we’ll make a wax model of the ring so that you can see a physical representation before we craft it in any metal you choose. We can’t wait for you to see your dream come to life.

Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Our expert setters and polishers are here to help you design your diamond engagement ring to meet the highest quality standards. From start to finish, you will be intricately involved with the process to produce the finest quality diamond ring, exceeding your expectations, and all within your budget. If you are on a tight timeline, we can craft your custom designed engagement ring in just two weeks! Our highly skilled professionals will work with you one-on-one to give it the look and feel you desire. You’ll be involved from beginning to end, making that special moment even more personal and unique by adding your individual touches. Most importantly, you’ll have bragging rights: I designed my own ring! 

Custom Engagement Rings - The Process

Design: Imagine how fun it will be to sit down with a designer at Unique Gold & Diamonds to help your thoughts change from ideas to a sketched drawing. From a sketch you can see (almost) exactly what your dream looks like in the form of your engagement ring.

CAD: If you love the sketch of the engagement ring, we put it into a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that will produce the image of soft curves in the metal and the color variation that makes it look just like a 3D version of your engagement ring. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with design changes and make sure that this is truly your engagement ring.

Wax Model: Once you decide that you love it enough to reach out and touch it, we’ll make you a wax model of your engagement ring so that you can see a physical representation before we make it for you out of any metal you choose. 

Engraving: Don’t want your sweetie to forget your anniversary or the day of the proposal? Have your engagement ring engraved! We can engrave a date, name, or anything you want on the inside of your ring so that you and your love have a little secret that only the two of you are in on.

The Ring: Your dream arrives in the form of a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that you designed. Now you have that little part of your hand that you knew was missing for so long.

Designing your own engagement ring is worth it and is usually less expensive than you imagined. Most people are surprised when they come in to see us and get a quote for a custom-designed engagement ring because of how reasonable the process and prices are.


The way we see it, if it’s worth being part of a custom designed ceremony, it better be a custom designed engagement ring.

With Unique Gold and Diamonds, you can rest assured; our passions are jewelry and your happiness. When helping you custom design your engagement ring in Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson County, you can trust your local jeweler. 

Come in to chat with us, or contact us with questions. Bring your ideas and photos, and soon you’ll be realizing that your dream is becoming a reality.