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“Where can I sell my jewelry for the most money?”

Unique Gold & Diamonds will give the most money for your jewelry. We will carefully inspect your jewelry or hand-test the metal if you are unsure of its quality. We always consider the possibility that your jewelry would fetch a higher price at an auction or even online. This is why we often offer a higher price than just the weighted metal price of the day for your items.

We know you want to get the highest price when you’re ready to sell your jewelry. We will offer you a higher price than other any other location in the tri-state area.

Not sure what you have? We’ll help you with the identification and valuation. Especially with estates, you may not know what you have. Unique Gold & Diamonds has a reputation for being honest buyers. We maintain our reputation by always making sure to treat everyone with respect and privacy. If you have a diamond that you think is a cubic zirconia, we’ll tell you; then we'll make you an offer and let you decide whether you want to sell or keep it. 

How to Sell Jewelry at Unique Gold and Diamonds

It usually takes less than 15 minutes to sell your jewelry; our buyers quickly evaluate your pieces and make you a cash offer based on the current market price for metals, diamonds, and precious stones. If the piece can be resold or has a greater intrinsic value, we will offer you a higher price.

Your jewelry may be worth more than you think. Our dedicated staff has years of experience and have been educated in the fields of gemology and jewelry. Our buyers will answer all your questions about the process, and there’s no obligation to sell.

Stop by or give us a call to set up a free consultation with one of our buyers.

For selling your jewelry in Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson County, we are your local jewelry buyers.