Limited Edition Evil Eye with round black diamond and round diamonds in 14k yellow gold

Unique Gold & Diamonds

This is an evil eye that was custom buillt for Charlotte Dobre.  This piece is filled with round diamonds and features a black diamond as the center stone.  This piece has been cast in 14k yellow gold and hangs on a rolo chain with three jump rings allowing you to adjust the length of the necklace at 16", 18" and 20".  

The piece was custom built and poured for Charlotte.  We are releasing this as a numbered limited edition.  


The wax mold will only be filled 20 times.  

This custom piece is the identical piece on charlotte and the laser build mold will be destroyed on the 20th gold pour.  

Our limited edition custom pieces preserve the integrity of the original design and are, in tradition, destroyed to celebrate the impossibility of the piece being replicated.

Our jewlery designers, casting designers and Guru Goldsmith take incredible pride in their attention to detail.  Our clientele selects inspirational images with no parameters from our designers.  We find that our clientele is more creativee without any technical restraints.

From there, the inspiration is molded into something that fits our clients vision while meeting all the technical criterion necessary to deliver a product that will last a lifetime.  

The fine details regarding thickness, spacing, prongs, facets (endless technical decisions) eventually lead them to a 3d rendering which is then cast into a wax mold.  The wax mold goes into a final approval process with the client and once the client has approved the final physical design, molten gold is poured into the mold, and our bench jewelers go to work, buffing, filing, setting diamonds, doing a high polish, and in this case, setting an incredibly rare black diamond.

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