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Perhaps you have a piece of jewelry that looks like it came from the gilded age or the Gastby era. This may be a unique and valuable piece of jewelry. Estate jewelry is trending and selling like crazy right now, which is why, now might be the best time to cash in.

How to Sell Estate Jewelry at Unique Diamonds and Gold

Normally with estate jewelry, the value of a piece of jewelry is greater than just the sum of its parts (gold, diamonds, etc.). This is why our estate buyers have experience with estate jewelry and are experts in intrinsic value. We will make you an offer higher than others in the tri-state area and there is never an obligation to sell.

Your jewelry may be worth more than you think. Our dedicated staff has years of experience and have been educated in the fields of gemology and jewelry. Our buyers will answer all your questions about the process, and there’s no obligation to sell.

Stop by or give us a call to set up a free consultation with one of our buyers.

If you hear our quote and have a newfound love of the piece, we can restore your piece to their former luster and put it back in great condition. We can even re-shape your estate jewelry into a contemporary style all your own, or to boost the sale value. The same designers that craft beautiful engagement rings will loan you their skills to help you make your own unique piece of jewelry.

For selling or redesigning your estate jewelry in Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson County, we are your local jewelry buyers.