Uniqueness at Every Turn in Your Life; Engagement Ring and All!

Uniqueness at Every Turn in Your Life; Engagement Ring and All!

December 08, 2016

We know it’s a big decision, your engagement ring. You and your fiancé are not the only two who will live together through sickness and in health; your ring will be there too. You’re engagement ring is what you will look at when you miss your love or when you want to remember a moment. You want something that will make you smile in those times, no?

Looking through magazines and in the shop windows is a great and fun way to find what you really love about each and every ring. You love the princess cut diamond center in this one, but the halo of sapphires on that one; how will you decide which you like better? Don’t.

We love helping your ideas become your reality. The designers that we have at Unique Gold & Diamonds share your passion for jewelry. Imagine how fun it will be to sit down with a designer and let your thoughts change from words to a sketched drawing. From a sketch you can see almost exactly what your dreams look like in the form of a ring.

If you love the sketch, we put it into a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that will produce the image of soft curves of the metal and the color variation that makes it look just like a 3D version of your ring. This allows the opportunity to experiment with small design changes and make sure that this is truly your ring.

Once you decide that you love it enough to reach out and touch it, we’ll make you a wax model of the ring so that you can see a physical representation before we make it for you out of any metal you choose. Now comes the fun part.

Your dream is now a one of a kind ring on your hand. Now you have that little part of your hand that was missing for so long.

Designing your own ring is worth it and is usually less expensive than you imagined. Most people are surprised when they come in to see us and get a quote for a custom-designed ring at how reasonable the process is.

The way we see it, if it’s worth being part of a custom designed ceremony, it better be a custom designed ring.