Tangled Jewelry

How To Store Jewelry

March 27, 2020

You love your jewelry collection and want to keep the pieces organized, clean, and safe. Keeping your treasures stored properly helps preserves the integrity of the pieces and helps you easily find what you're looking for. When you're getting dressed for the day, for an evening out with friends, or for a date with someone special, you want to ensure that the necklace you envisioned with your outfit, or the ring you want to wear to match your bracelet or watch, is easy to find, clean, and ready to put on. 

Let's look at ways to store your jewelry according to the type so the pieces always look nice and are ready to wear. 


Bracelets, whether sterling silver cuffs or delicate gold bangles, brighten up your arms and wrists. You don't want to thoughtlessly toss them into a box or jewelry bag, as they can become damaged, scuffed, or simply lost in the back of a drawer. Placing the bracelets on acrylic cones or stacks, keeping them on a decorative cardboard roll, or hanging them from a wooden or metal rack is a great way to display and organize your bracelets.

You can also place them inside a specific compartment of a divided jewelry box. Separate the bracelets into their types — bangles, chains, tennis bracelets, and cuffs — and organize them by their style. For special or expensive pieces that have diamonds or gemstones, keep them in a storage bag to keep them secure so stones don't fall out.

Brooches and Pins

Brooches and pins add a lovely, artistic flair to an outfit and are helpful as closures for tops that have a deep V-neck plunge to the neckline. Because brooches and pins have sharp edges, they need careful storing. Brooches and pins are beautiful to look at, often works of art themselves, and it's best to display them so they are easily seen.

A clever way to store these pieces of jewelry is by putting a piece of fabric on foam and placing it inside a shadow box with a transparent, closable front or top. Simply poke the point through the fabric and into the foam for safe storage. Hang the shadow box on the wall, and open the door to remove and replace your pin or brooch.


Earrings always add a finishing touch to an outfit, whether they're simple stud earrings for a casual occasion or dangling diamond drop earrings for a formal event. Earrings are one of the most difficult items of jewelry to store, as they generally come in pairs and it's easy for one to get lost. Wooden earring racks work well for hoop earrings or those that have a fish hook or a lever back enclosure.

Stud earrings that have a push-back or screw back need a more secure storage system so they don't get lost. Compartmentalized trays inside a jewelry box or drawer work best for securely storing these earrings. Stud earrings can also be kept in small bowls or even ceramic egg trays.


Adding a necklace to your outfit helps define your neckline and adds color and dimension to your top or dress. However, necklaces tangle easily, whether made from gold chains, leather cords, or beaded strands, and the last thing you want to do is toss them into a box or drawer. While storing necklaces may seem challenging, we have several easy storage solutions.

You can buy racks specially designed to hold several necklaces, or you can get creative with racks that hang on a wall. Hanging your necklaces keeps them straight and untangled so they can look like beautiful works of art. If possible, hang the necklaces behind a transparent cover to keep the metals from tarnishing or collecting dust. Special pieces made with gemstones or delicate filigree metal are best stored in a box that's made for the necklace and is lined with velvet or another fabric and comes with closures to secure the necklace in place.


Rings are so much fun to wear and can define the shape of your hands, make a statement, or show the status of your relationship. Store rings in compartments within your jewelry box or jewelry tray so they don't get lost. A creative way to store rings is to place them on stands and ring holders. You can choose whimsical ring holders, such as cats with long tails, or pick a crystal stand that looks like a delicate hand.

Wedding rings, engagement rings, and rings with expensive gemstones need to be stored in special boxes and placed in a secure location. Don't forget to have a special bowl in the washroom to place your rings in while washing your hands so they don't fall down the drain.


Watches are not only timepieces but also handsome and beautiful pieces of jewelry that need extra care when storing them. Watches, especially those that are expensive or use advanced technology, need careful storing. Ideally, store them in a temperature-and-moisture-controlled setting, as moisture and condensation can clog the oils that help lubricate moving parts within the watch. Adding silica packs to the storage box helps with moisture control. If possible, store watches in a home safe where you can control the moisture and temperature, or buy a small cigar humidor to help with moisture control.

Even if you're just storing your watches in your jewelry box or drawer, always store them face up to prevent damage to the crystal face. Find a compartmentalized storage box specially made for watches that has a transparent cover to keep dirt and dust off the watches and enables you to help retain the shape and integrity of the strap.

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Photo via Flickr by allispossible.org.uk