How To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

How To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

August 28, 2020

If you're all about the bling and want your diamond to look as big as possible, there are a few tips you can try to maximize your jewel's appearance. The good news is that not all of these tips require the need to shell out extra cash to really make your rock "pop." From carefully choosing shapes and cuts to selecting a thinner band, these tips are sure to make your diamond look bigger and have you feeling like Beyonce.

1. Opt for the Best Cut You Can Afford

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The cut of a diamond directly impacts how the light will reflect from it, and the better the cut, the more light it will reflect. According to the Gemological Institute of America, there are five different grades of cuts: excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. Excellent cuts score in the top category for every grade-setting determinant, while each cut after that scores lower in each category. The better the cut, the bigger your diamond will look.

2. Select More Slender Prongs

Choosing a ring with more slender and less pronounced prongs is another way to make your diamond look bigger. This strategy works by minimizing the appearance of the prongs and emphasizing the appearance of your center stone. Choosing slimmer prongs typically doesn't cost much more than what you'll pay for wider prongs, and sometimes it won't cost anything extra.

3. Choose an Oval Shape

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Oval diamonds and other elongated and oblong shapes will help give the illusion that your diamond is bigger, thanks to the fact that these shapes take up more space on your finger. Plus, oval rings have a greater spread when compared to a round diamond, which also contributes to the diamond appearing much larger than it actually is. Ovals are often less expensive than round stones, giving you more budget room to increase the size of the diamond or carats. 

4. Go for a Slim Band

A wider band will often make the diamond look smaller. On the other hand, a slimmer band will make your diamond appear larger and more striking on your finger. A thinner band lets your diamond shine in all of its glory and won't take away from its brilliance and sparkle.

5. Consider Less Prongs

Just as more slender prongs will make your diamond look bigger, fewer prongs can also make it look much larger. Many traditional rings are set with six prongs, which can sometimes overpower the stone and take away from its brilliance. Consider opting for four prongs rather than six to ensure your diamond is center stage on the ring and to get a more modern and clean appearance. 

6. Pass On Cushion Cut Diamonds

A cushion cut diamond is one that has rounded corners and 58 facets that are brilliant-style and lend a pillow or cushion appearance. While this style is certainly attractive, unless you can afford an enormous stone to accompany it, your diamond will end up looking smaller than it actually is. This is because cushion cut diamonds have much of their carat weight beneath the surface, preventing the entirety of the diamond from being seen. It's also a more expensive diamond cut, so you'll be saving some money while also avoiding a smaller-looking diamond.

7. Think About Choosing a Colored Stone

Colored stones can help your ring stand out and make it appear bigger compared to more traditional diamond options. Stone colors such as yellow, blue, and green can trick the eye into thinking the diamond is bigger than it actually is.

8. Pick a Platinum Setting

A platinum setting can further emphasize the size and shine of your diamond. Platinum settings feature pure white metal, which works to mirror the diamond's brilliance and creates the illusion of a larger stone. Even if you want a yellow gold band or another band color, you can still choose to have platinum prongs on the ring and reap the benefits of platinum's reflective properties.

9. Spend More on Size Than on Color and Clarity

If your diamond size is your biggest concern, consider spending more money on a larger carat size than on a higher color and clarity. This will ensure your ring looks as big as possible (or as large as you can afford). And, with a larger diamond, the lower color and clarity will be offset so your stone will still look amazing and radiant.

10. Look at Halo Settings

Halo settings are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. A halo setting often includes a center stone with a halo of smaller stones that accentuate the size and appearance of the main diamond. This setting allows you to increase your stone's carat size at a lower price than what you might pay to increase a single diamond's carat size.

11. Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band on Separate Hands

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If you really want your engagement ring to take center stage, consider wearing your engagement ring on one hand and your wedding band on the other. This is a great trick if your engagement ring is of a smaller size and also helps ensure that your wedding band does not overpower it. While not exactly traditional, this style of wearing your engagement ring and wedding band will undoubtedly make a statement and help your diamond look more prominent.

12. Choose Your Ring Retailer Carefully

Buying from the right ring retailer will ensure you get the most ring possible for your money. Surprisingly, some of the more well-known ring retailers offer poor value in terms of carat size and quality. Take time to compare various retailers and look at each one's diamond specs and price tags.

These tips should give you a great starting point for making your diamond really stand out. If you want some help from reputable diamond pros, stop by Unique Gold & Diamonds to look at our impressive selection of gorgeous stones.