PRE-ORDER! 14 Karat Religious Pendant & Chain

Unique Gold & Diamonds

This is a gorgeous, hand-curated piece that we sourced from an beautiful italian woman with troves of hand-made statement pieces from all over Europe.  We love this piece SO much that we have decided to cast and replicate it in a limited edition series.  We will be making 5 of these pieces in 14 karat gold with the identical specs to the original-- preserving both the way the piece was made, its detailed 3d planes, and chain style.  Religious pieces are so incredibly on trend, but inherit an organic timeless quality.  Let this piece shine on its on; or layer with chains of various cuts and thicknesses; with or without other religious medallions, creating a layered, Milan style look that screams "expensive".  

The dream catcher shape to the pendant is sandwiched between two medallions, allowing the piece to be worn on either side.  Jesus on one, Mary on the other.

Will be available for shipping in one month.  Pre-Order Pricing available until Oct. 13th.  Orders will be Shipped Oct. 27th.

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