December 18, 2016

The first snow of the season just fell. The magical white blanket has fallen across the trees and cars alike. You bundle up a little tighter, bring your snow boots out of the closet and know… that Christmas is almost here.

Winter is such a wonderful time of year for diamonds. The snow seems to cast a perfect light on them; a light that makes diamonds look like they are dancing.

With Christmas around the corner, we can’t help but dream each night of a little box under the tree with a perfectly tied bow on top. The joy of opening the box and finding that little wonder that will be apart of your life forever.

The new earrings that perfectly match everything that you own, the necklace that falls at the perfect spot for all of your necklines, the ring that looks like it was made to live a happy life on your finger, no matter your desire, the joy of finding that perfect addition to your wardrobe is all we can think about this time of year.

What’s the best way to ensure that the box makes it under the tree? Tell him, tell her, tell someone… tell everyone! Tweet, chat, text, or talk about exactly what you want and make sure that the person putting that box under the tree knows to go and get it especially for you.

Too often we drop hints that just aren’t understood. So, it’s always a great idea to sing out and be specific.

The day after Christmas, you’ll be able to watch your diamonds dance next to the snow as you wear them proudly. They will match your New Year’s outfit perfectly and be there with you for your best year yet.

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