Guide To Buying Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Guide To Buying Diamond Tennis Bracelets

October 02, 2020

Did you know tennis bracelets make the perfect accessory for just about every occasion? Year after year, these classic accent pieces remain a top trend. From celebrities to runway models, tennis bracelets adorn some of the most famous faces in fashion. Whether paired with jeans and a leather jacket for a casual daytime look or a dazzling evening gown for a formal event, tennis bracelets take you from day to night for any occasion. So if you consider yourself a trendsetter looking for a sparkling wardrobe staple, it's time you add one of these timeless beauties to your collection. 

How Much Does a Tennis Bracelet Cost?

Due to their contents, tennis bracelets tend to carry a heftier price tag, but you get a lot of value for your investment since these pieces never go out of style and add a dash of elegance to any outfit. On average, the starting price for a quality diamond tennis bracelet is about $2,000. It's possible to buy a tennis bracelet for much less, but many cost upwards of $7,000. In fact, they can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. 

Before beginning your search for the perfect piece, set a budget. Figure out how much you want to spend and work with a jeweler to find a tennis bracelet that fits within your budget. Since it is a costlier purchase, it's important to get it right the first time, so do your research to learn just what you want and how much you want to spend.

What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a flexible bracelet that consists of small diamonds or other precious gemstones linked close together by precious metal to form a complete circle. This eternal loop of about 50 gemstones sets tennis bracelets apart from other types of bracelets. Tennis bracelets commonly consist of only one row of gemstones, but many also come with two or more rows. Sometimes, tennis bracelets feature a combination of diamonds and other precious gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. However, colorless, white diamonds are most often associated with classic tennis bracelet styles.

Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?

Originally, tennis bracelets went by the name eternity or line diamond bracelets. The first use of the term tennis bracelet happened after world-renown tennis champion Chris Evert famously wore a diamond eternity bracelet during the 1987 U.S. Open. The bracelet fell off during Evert's match, and the tennis star paused the game for a moment to search for it. When asked about the incident, Evert referred to the piece as a tennis bracelet, and the rest is history, as they say. 

What Sizes Do Tennis Bracelets Come In?

To determine your bracelet size, measure your wrist just below the wrist bone using a flexible measuring tape. If you don't have a flexible tape, simply wrap a piece of string around your wrist, cut it to the right length, and measure it against a ruler. Then, refer to the jeweler's size chart to find the best bracelet length for your wrist measurement. If you can't find a size chart, simply add 0.5 to 1 inches to your total measurement to find your size. So, if your wrist is 6.5 inches, a bracelet measuring 7 to 7.5 inches works well for you. 

If you're buying a gift and don't know which size to purchase, 7 to 7.5 inches is the most popular bracelet size for women. However, it's better to err on the larger side since tennis bracelets are easy to adjust by removing a link or two. Remember, you want the tennis bracelet to fit a bit looser so it moves around the wrist but not so loose that it slides off. 

Are There Different Styles of Tennis Bracelets?

Image via Flickr by TVZ Design

Tennis bracelets come in a variety of styles. Budget and personal preferences play the biggest roles in deciding the tennis bracelet style that's right for your unique tastes. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you prefer sterling silver, white or yellow gold, or platinum. Jewelers typically recommend against silver since it's weaker than the other metals, while platinum offers the most strength but comes at the highest cost. For daily wear, white gold offers an affordable alternative to platinum as it's more durable than yellow gold.

It's also important to consider the cut of the diamonds when buying a tennis bracelet. Most people prefer round-cut diamonds; however, princess and emerald-cut diamonds also make for popular styles. Many people shy away from pear, marquis, and other less traditional cuts when buying a tennis bracelet. 

Do Tennis Bracelets Feature Different Settings?

Tennis bracelets feature three main types of settings. As the most popular setting, prong-style tennis bracelets have three or four small metal prongs that hold the diamonds in place. They allow light to pass through the gemstone, giving it plenty of sparkle and shine. 

Tennis bracelets with a bezel setting feature gemstones fully encased in precious metal, much like the head of a watch. They're less popular because the metal wrapper prevents as much light from passing through as prong settings. Metal connects only two sides of each gemstone on a half-bezel tennis bracelet. 

Meanwhile, two strips of precious metal on either side secure the gemstones on a tennis bracelet with a channel setting. With this type of setting, the gemstones fit close together with no spaces between them. They reflect more light, which makes the diamonds look larger. While bezel settings offer the best protection when it comes to securing the diamonds, all three settings provide a safe choice. 

When To Buy a Tennis Bracelet?

There's no wrong time to buy yourself a tennis bracelet or give the gift of one to someone special. Tennis bracelets make the perfect gift for any milestone occasion, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, or Valentine's Day. Thanks to their timeless elegance, tennis bracelets never go out of style, making them the ultimate choice for anyone who wants an heirloom-worthy piece to pass on to future generations.

So, there you have it. Tennis bracelets start at about $2,000 and can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. It all depends on your budget. They're stylish, sophisticated, and make the perfect gift. If you're ready to purchase one of these exquisite, eye-catching accessories, check out our website for all kinds of beautiful pieces. Not sure which tennis bracelet best fits your style? Drop us a line, and we'll happily help you find a tennis bracelet that's perfect for you.