RARE Tiffany & Co. VINTAGE Nature Flower Rose Bangle Bracelet in Sterling

Unique Gold & Diamonds

This is a beautiful RARE Tiffany & Co. Nature Vintage Rose Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver. This bangle is SOLID (not hollow) so it’s super sturdy and will not dent.

This piece is almost 20 years old, in pristine condition.

The original retail price is from 2003. During that time, sterling was 4.85 an ounce. This month silver has been trading for 22-25 dollars per ounce.

I purchased this a few days ago based on the current value of sterling, the premium of Tiffany, and its vintage status.

So that’s why the original retail price in the listing is less than asking.

If tiffany manufactured something with the identical weight today, it would retail for more than 3,250. And if they sold it for its original retail, they would be paying people to buy it.

We own a Jewelry store and have a full time bench jeweler. Prior to shipment we give the piece a final spa session.

This piece comes in a Tiffany velvet dust bag inside a Tiffany Box. You’ll also get a polishing cloth, diamond top pen and gift with purchase.

If you check out my love notes, I always surprise my customers with real sterling silver gifts. So if there is something specific you want as your gift, message me after your purchase and let me know what you like. Or if you want to send me a pic you can do so in the conversation section of the transaction.

I price my pieces to move to avoid the back and forth. This is a vintage tiffany piece in pristine condition that has had a full overhaul.

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