CHANEL dangle ring with diamonds and rubies set an 18 karat gold.

Unique Gold & Diamonds

CHANEL dangle ring with diamonds and rubies set an 18 karat gold. This piece has been appraised at GAL. See the card in the listing above. They confirmed that the piece is vintage, make of 18k gold, diamonds and rubies. The appraisal says “vintage ‘chanel’” which confused me. I called and they said Chanel is in quotes because they could not determine if Chanel manufactured it or if it was custom built piece. The appraisal is based on the value of the gold, diamonds and rubies. 

so you are purchasing this piece as a vintage 18 karat gold ring with diamonds and rubies. I cannot confirm that it is authentic Chanell however the appraised value is $5500 and if you were to insurance it and lost it you would be cut a check for $5500 in the case of mysterious disappearance or accidental loss. So the value is in the materials themselves and the craftsmanship.

there is an automatic discount of 20%. The ring will be $1440 once you place the ring in your cart.  This ring is a size 6 however if you need the ring custom sized please start a chat with the virtual assistant, ask for Alexa and custom sizing will be complementary.

This ring is from my private collection. This ring is NOT available for purchase in store. This ring is NOT available for viewing in store as it is NOT in the store and is located in the e-commerce office. If you have any questions about this piece, ask Alexa. 

The 20% automatic discount expires October 15. No discounts can be layered on top of this. There is no exception to the expiration date. This ring will not be sold for any amount less than the price listed in your cart up until October 15 after which it will return to $1800. 

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