About Unique Gold & Diamonds

Unique Gold & Diamonds in Clifton, New Jersey, is your go-to source for any jewelry need, including buying, selling, repair, and design. More than just a retailer, Unique Gold & Diamonds has a passion for the jewelry craft that surpasses any other store in the Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson County area. Our staff is highly knowledgeable, expertly trained, and here to serve you. 

About Us 

Unique Gold & Diamonds has a retail location in Clifton, New Jersey, and a private office in the New York City Diamond District that each promise a first-class jewelry experience. Selling a piece? Rest assured that our bonded and insured precious metal buyers will give you a professional, secure, and fair evaluation. 

We offer the best prices because we do all of our metal refinery on site. This means we don't have to send out your jewelry with long delays or pay extra commissions to other vendors. Bring us your rare coins, estate jewelry, silver flatware, luxury watch, gold, and much more to receive the best quote in the area. 

Once you've sold your old jewelry, take advantage of our jewelry design services to get a piece you really love. We're also proud to offer free consultations so you know you'll be satisfied with your new design before you make your purchase. Our staff is trained by the Gemological Institute of America and will be glad to assist you in every step of the way to a new engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, and many more.  

Jewelry Repair In Clifton, New Jersey

We appreciate that you're trusting us with repairing your valued jewelry pieces. That's why we ensure your items are protected with the utmost care when you leave them with us. We start by documenting the details of each item we take in and inspecting it for distinguishing characteristics. Each piece we service is kept in our state-of-the-art safe when we're not working on it, and we carry insurance for all of the items kept in our store. 

When it's time for the repair, our technician reads your detailed instructions carefully and ensures he follows them to the letter. Whether you're getting an engagement or a wedding ring sized, a new gem added, or simply refurbishing a piece, we take the best care of your item until you're reunited with the meticulously crafted final product. 

When you come into our store, we're here to guide you through all the options for repair so you know you'll walk away with a smile on your face. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want. Our professional technicians are happy to provide their expert advice at no charge. 

We know how much your jewelry means to you, so we take the greatest care to give your repairs the time they deserve. While we would love to offer while-you-wait repairs, our commitment to do the highest quality work means we'll usually need a couple of days to do it right. If we ever need to keep your jewelry for more than a week, we'll always call to get your approval first. Keep in mind, however, that certain times of the year are busier than others, so we might need a little extra time with your repair. 

Here are just a few of the repairs Unique Gold & Diamonds is proud to offer: 

  • Prong Repair
  • Engraving
  • 3D Engraving
  • Ring Sizing
  • Same Day Ring Sizing
  • Antiquing
  • Earring Repair
  • Chain Repair
  • Monogram and Initials
  • Stone Setting
  • Jewelry Polishing
  • Bail Repair
  • Soldering Jewelry
  • Bracelet Repair
  • Necklace Repair 
  • Bracelet Hinge Repair
  • Rhodium Cleaning 
  • New Head
  • Diamond and Gemstone Replacement
  • Chain Repair 
  • Bracelet Repair

Sell Gold, Diamonds, Silver, & More

Your time is just as valuable as your jewelry, so we make the Unique experience quick and hassle-free. Stop by our Clifton retail store or our NYC private office for a smooth and simple transaction that we back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're happy to sort through and evaluate all your old jewelry to make sure you get the highest price. We also take the time to educate you on the value of your items so you make the best-informed decision about your sale. 

If you're looking to sell diamonds, you're in luck. The staff at Unique Gold & Diamonds has special training in diamond buying, and we'll take stones loose (with or without certification) or as part of a piece. If selling is not the route you want to take, we can also reset the stone in a new piece, recut it, or polish it to look good as new. 

Estate jewelry has much more value than just the sum of its parts, and Unique Gold & Diamonds is committed to evaluating your heirlooms at their highest intrinsic value. Whether your estate jewelry is from your grandmother or a relic from centuries ago, we're here to give you the best resell price in the tri-state area. And remember, you're never under any obligation to sell. 

Our commitment to no-pressure and highly satisfying sales extends to coins, as well. Where some places offer you just the gold value of your coin, we take the time to research each piece's unique value and offer you the price you deserve. 

Our precious metal buyers are bonded, insured, and have years of purchasing experience, so rest assured you're getting the best offer for any piece you bring to us. Check out these links for more info on selling your jewelry at Unique Gold & Diamonds:

Whether you need to sell your jewelry or design a new piece, the Unique experience is all-inclusive and guarantees your satisfaction 100%. Bring in your gold or silver coins or any jewelry you're ready to part with for the highest prices in the area. We care about our customers and are ready to start building a relationship that will help with all your jewelry needs for years to come.